"The Best Technological Innovation For Termite Detection In The History Of Pest Control"

The  BUGEYE PROFESSIONAL THERMAL IMAGING CAMIERA (1) is the latest innovation for accurate non-invasive termite detection and investigation. This technology is simple to operate and allows a fast, accurate diagnosis without damaging wall surfaces. The camera is so sensitive that it allows the operator to scan the walls for termite or pest activity in a matter of seconds. Thermal Imaging makes it all possible by detecting the temperature (25-30°C} that termites produce in their working environment and this is displayed on a high resolution LCD screen. The camera displays a black and white image of concealed cavities showing the skelatal makeup of walls, ceilings and floors. This allows the operator to visualize any irregularities of the framework enhancing the detection of live termite nestings, entry points, dormant nests and timber damage, as well as moisture problems.

This device emits a microwave signal that can detect termites through timber, brick, plasterboard or masonery with no interference to the building material or termites. A liquid crystal display alerts the operator if these signals are interrupted by termite movement.

This instrument instantly measures moisture content in wood and wood by-products and building materials. Because termites live in a totally enclosed environment with around 100% humidity, they produce a lot of moisture so its presence can indicate a termite infestation.